Me + The Boys

The last few days have been really fun for our family.  We spent a few days in Moses Lake (where Josh was born), then attended a family reunion.  I love sharing these little guys with everybody.

Jack is working on two more loose teeth (one is a top front)

and Logan has just one more loose tooth.
(They both lost their first -- the same tooth-- less than 36 hours apart... freaky!)

There's so much I want to blog, but I am honestly just too busy having fun!  I hope to get a little down time next week so I can write out some of the ideas I have in my blog notebook, as well as post some of our awesome vacation pictures.

Meanwhile, know that I am taking pictures, collecting inspiration and hoping to get back to regular blogging soon!


Baseball in the Rain

The last two days of baseball camp it was POURING DOWN RAIN.  Josh joked that those poor coaches must have been so mad we showed up anyway, seeing as the rest of the team didn't come on those days.  But we're tough Alaskans, and my sisters' boys are Northwest born through & through, so a little liquid sunshine did not deter us.

Bless those amazing coaches who put up with our crazy, rambunctious boys with a smile on their faces.  They were awesome.  Not to mention having to teach for two days of torrential downpours.  

Our ball players were not the only ones enjoying the rain.  
Milo loved it, too.

Oh how I love this photogenic little man. He's so cute & so dang HAPPY!  All the time.  Always a smile on his face and a skip in his step.  I love it.

My own little guy did not venture out in the rain, but I love him anyway!

I am so glad we have tough little boys who are healthy, full of energy and not thrown off by some bad weather!


The Zoo, Grevstad Style

I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves for this post.  
It was a great zoo trip and we were super happy to have our cousins along!


The Lake

Hands down, best day of my summer thus far.  
Warm sunshine, cold water, good company and happy kids.  
All the ingredients necessary for a perfect day.


Beauty Routine

A while back sweet Bad Rebecca (whose name I must admit, I need the back story on!) commented on my Last Day post, saying kindly that my skin looks so glowy all the time and she'd love a post on my beauty routine.  So Rebecca, this one's for you!

For starters, I swear by Proactiv.  In April 2012 I noticed my skin was getting really bad, and I wanted to do something about it. 

Enter Proactiv.
I use the face wash in the shower in the mornings, 

followed by the Green Tea Moisturizer pre-makeup.

At night I wash my make up off with Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser because it has scrubbies, but is gentle enough to use on my eyes to scrub off my mascara & eyeliner.

I follow the Clean & Clear facewash with my Proactiv Toner (applied with cotton rounds) and the Proactiv Repairing Treatment.  I am religious about my nightly routine and I think that consistency is why my face is as clear as it is.

And lastly before bed I use Pond's Anti-Wrinkle Cream around my eyes to reduce puffiness.


And now for my make up routine.

Here's me, make-up free except for chapstick.

After my Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer, I use my Mary Kay Timewise Luminous-Wear Liquid Foundation which I love for it's full coverage; and I use Maybelline Dream Bouncy Cream Blush on my cheeks.

Here's me, with just foundation on.

And here with foundation and blush.

Then I use my Sonia Kushak small brush to apply Almay eye shadow in dark brown on my eyebrows.  The slightly bigger EcoTools brush I use with my Maybelline vanilla shimmer eye shadow, applying from my eyelid to just under my eyebrows as a base for my eyeshadow.

Applying a dark eyeshadow to my eyebrows.

And me with my vanilla eye shadow on.

Almay brown eyeliner follows on the top lid, and black eyeliner follows on the bottom.  
Then I brush a shimmery brown Covergirl eyeshadow on my eyelids.

Applying liner to the top lid.

Here I am, eyeliner applied!

I always curl my eyelashes, as I find it accentuates them, 
and I follow with Covergirl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara in black-brown.


Right eye un-mascara'd; left eye masacara'd!

I just bought this Pearl Luminescent shimmer powder, and this large powder brush at Ulta.  I am loving how much it makes my tan sparkle.

Here I am, nearly complete!

The last step is lips.
I use Baby Lips chapstick as a base,
followed by NYX lipliner
and finish off with NYX lip gloss with a shimmer.

Here I am with just liner on.

And here I am all finished!

As much as I love my face routine and my make up, I truly believe that when I am happy, it shows in my face.  My eyes are awake and cheerful, and you can feel the joy radiate from within.


PS- How much do you love my nails? 
They are so cute and super easy to apply.  
I love them!